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As a licensed nurse who has been writing professionally and academically for the past ten (10) years, I am well-equipped to provide you with the best quality content as I have been doing for my past and current clients. The content that I provide is based on factual and up-to-date information that you can confidently share with your readers. Take a look below at some of the content I have written. Also, click the black and white arrow above to check out my blog, where I discuss topics that I am passionate about. 
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The Adventures of Alyss The Cat

eBook ALERT!!!! My first book is ready to go!!!!! Are you ready to take your child/children on not one, not two, but three adventures? This is a collection of three adventurous, happy, fun-filled short stories for kids. 1. Alyss Finds A Home- in this story, Alyss needs a home when she happens to meet Jack. Jack is an old man living by a little pond all by himself. He wants to help Alyss, but how will he do it? Will Jack adopt her or will he help her to find a home? 2. Alyss Discovers Tuna- in this story, Alyss takes a trip. When her food gets lost along the way she is introduced to tuna. How will she react to trying new food? 3. Alyss Makes A Friend- while playing in the garden on a beautiful morning, Alyss hears a noise. She goes to take a look and to her surprise its a.......... Get your copy of The Adventures of Alyss The Cat to find out how each adventure ends. These stories are suitable for teaching your kids life lessons and are great for any other storytime. They teach your 3-6-year-olds why it is important to be kind, how to make friends, and also encourages trying new foods. These three attention-grabbing stories will take your child on a journey filled with fun, imagination, and excitement! Your kids will fall in love with these stories and the awesome characters. Available on Amazon

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